Publicising your non-violent direct action with us
We can publicise your non-violent action against fossil fuel companies and/or their partners. This could be useful if you want to remain anonymous but still get press coverage. If you contact us, we will always maintain your anonymity while we share your action.

  • Just email us photos and a description (you can also include a press release if you want to)
  • Let us know if you’d like it to be published under your own group’s name or under the decentralised This Is Not A Drill banner
  • Please don’t include any personal details

Press enquiries
Please contact us for more information on the actions we publicise.

How to contact us
Email us at We highly recommend using ProtonMail do this – the message body will then be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring complete privacy and security from prying tech eyes. For extra security, use an anonymous ProtonMail email address while using ProtonVPN.

You can also contact us on social media, but this is not secure or private.

Social media